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How to Detox your body

I have always insisted that our health, and lastly our lives, depend basically on two things:

  1. The intake of the necessary nutrients and
  2. The output of waste.

The fact that there are more organs designated for the 2nd point indicates the importance of detoxification.

Many of the toxins found in the air, ground, water, food and medicines remain in our bodies causing serious damage. At times, these poisons permanently embed themselves into our tissue. Our bodies are often so besieged by toxins, that the organs designed for elimination of waste (Colin, liver, kidneys, lungs and skin) are overwhelmed and incapacitated.

Therefore, it is important that everyone learn how effectively help the body get rid of these toxins.

Here are a couple of examples:

  1. High-fiber preparations: increases the personal passages.
  2. Enemas: Help clean the lower intestinal tract
  3. Intravenous solutions with amino acids: Pick up toxic substances and eliminate them in the area
  4. Breathing exercises, and oxygen therapy: also integral part in the detoxification process because it helps decrease any inflammation within the body.

Finally, there are natural substances that increased hepatic detoxification like milk thistle and garlic.

Used in conjunction with each other, the body is assisted in the task of eliminating harmful toxins that blocked the normal function.