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Mexico Regularization by Family Ties

(FM3-FM2/Temporary/Permanent Residence or Family Visa in Mexico)

All foreigners with no exception need to have a valid migratory document to back up their regular stay in Mexico.

If they do not possess a document, they’re able to apply for a regularization procedure, in this specific case Regularization by Family Ties.

The obtained condition of stay with these procedure maybe a Temporary or Permanent Residency, which will depend on the type of relationship on which the regularization procedure is being applied for.

The Regularization by Family Ties is applicable for foreigners that:

  • Are concubine or spouse of a Mexican citizen or a Temporary/Permanent Resident.
  • Son, parent of a Mexican citizen or a Mexican Resident.

FAQ’S Regularization by Family Ties

What do I need to be able to carry out a process of regularization of immigration status by family unit?

Candidates for these procedures are those foreigners who do not have an immigration document in the country, have a direct family link, such as father, mother, children spouses or partners, Mexicans or foreigners residing in the country.

If you want more information on the procedure to request regularization by family link, today schedule a consultation with our team, who will assist you in everything related to your procedure.

Where can I apply for a process of regularization of immigration status by family unit?

You can enter your application for processing at any office of the INM (National Institute of Migration), accompanied by the necessary documentation.

However, we always recommend that your application be entered in the office corresponding to your registered address before the INM, in this way, the time when your procedure is resolved will be faster.

HH Consultores makes it simple and easy for you, today schedule a consultancy with our group of experts, who will help you in the process of managing your application, so you will not have to waste entire days doing your paperwork.

How long does it take for the process of regularization of immigration status per family unit?

The response time may vary, this depends on each case, including the INM office where you present your procedure, considering that this is one of the procedures that takes longer to obtain a response, and with the certainty that the documents be entered completely and correctly, the estimated time can be from 7 to 10 days.

It is important to take into account that in most cases in which the provisions of the Migration Law are not known or do not have previous experience in migratory procedures, the time that your request is resolved may be 10 to 30 days .

If you are about to start your immigration process, schedule an appointment today with one of our specialists to expedite your procedure and avoid being denied due to lack of information about the procedure.

At HH we make your migratory process an experience without setbacks.

How can I start my process of regularization of immigration status by family unit?

By scheduling an appointment with one of our consultants, please remember that HH Consultants can assist you in person or online.

To start your procedure, we definitely recommend you consult with a specialist in immigration procedures, so you can start your procedure with the assurance that this will not be rejected.

Can I start my regularization process by family link from abroad?

No, in order for you to begin your regularization process by family link, you must necessarily be in Mexico in an irregular manner, this means that you must be living in Mexico without an immigration document.

If you wish to regularize, contact as soon as possible with our team of consultants to know the alternatives you have to obtain your migration document as soon as possible.

For how long is my document obtained by regularization procedure by family link valid?

The conditions of stay that can be obtained through this procedure, are temporary resident, which can be acquired with validity of 1, 2, 3 or up to 4 years, or permanent resident with indefinite validity, so foreigners over 18 years will not have to renew their immigration document.

In cases in which one is less than 3 years, it must be renewed every year, until the person reaches 3 years of age, from 3 years, until he reaches 18 years of age, it must be renewed every 4 years .

If you already have your document and need to start a procedure to renew the permanent resident document of one of your family members, schedule an appointment today with one of our consultants, who will guide you in every detail of the process.

Can I leave Mexico with my document obtained through the process of regularization by family link?

In both cases, whether you obtain a temporary or permanent resident document, you then enter and leave Mexico as many times as you wish, as long as your document is current.

In HH, in addition to carry out your immigration process, once your card is delivered, we let you know about the obligations, rights and recommendations that must be taken into account, in order to avoid that during your immigration history there is any unforeseen, since we know that the majority of foreigners who arrive in Mexico generally stay for more than a year, or pretend to obtain their permanent stay in the country, so it is of the utmost importance to have the necessary information so that their history immigration is not affected.

Remember that I could schedule your online consultation with one of our specialists, who will gladly assist you in all your questions, you can do it from your home, or wherever you are.

Having clear and secure information about your immigration status is now very easy.

Can I work with my immigration document obtained by family link regularization?

In the case of permanent residents, if they can, since permission to work is included in their condition, so they can get a job, open their own business, or perform any lawful and honest activity.

Otherwise, temporary residents who do not have the permission to work implicitly in immigration status, however, once they have obtained their card, they may apply for a permit to work.

In HH we can support in the application for your permission to work, we suggest you review our section of Permission to Work, where we give you important information about this type of procedure.

However, both residents have the obligation to notify any change of workplace, we recommend that you schedule your consultation today, to obtain more information about the change notification process, so that it is submitted to the INM with in the times established in the Migration Law, and avoid being sanctioned for entering your notification extemporaneously.

What is the cost for the process of regularization of immigration status by family unit? 

We know that the immigration conditions of each foreigner are different and that in certain cases, the immigration procedure is in different stages.

Therefore, the cost may vary according to the characteristics of each case.

That is why we recommend starting with an initial interview (40 dlls, which are deducted from the total cost to take your case with us) in order to obtain as much information as possible to determine if this type of procedure is suitable for the Foreign.

Otherwise, you will be guided on the process that best suits you according to each situation.

HH helps you to regularize your immigration status so that you can enjoy Mexico with the confidence of having a legal status.

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