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Mexico Exit and Entry Permit

(FM3/FM2 Temporary Resident, Temporary Student Resident, Permanent Resident, Family Visa, Work Visa, Humanitarian Visa and Jubilee/Pensioners Visa in Mexico)

In most of the procedures presented at the INM offices, it is a requisite to turn in the original residence card (FM2/FM3; Permanent/Temporary Residence).

If in this time period the foreigner is in need to exit the country, they’ll need an entry and exit permit while their procedure is being solved.

This permit allows foreigners to exit the country while they are under a migratory process, and not currently holding their migratory document (FM2/FM3; Permanent/Temporary Residence).

As a foreigner you are able to exit and enter the country, one time, with no restrictions and by having this permit not affect your current application at the INM.


What do I need to obtain an Enter and Exit Permit? 

You need to have turned in your original migratory document when applying for a procedure at the INM offices, and be pending to resolve.

What type of document do I need to hold in order to be able to apply for this permit?

  • Visitor without permission to engage remunerated activities (FMM).
  • Visitor with permission to engage remunerated activities (FMM).
  • Temporary Resident.
  • Temporary Student Resident.
  • Permanent Resident.
  • Visitor with Adoption Purposes.

Where can I apply for this permit?

At the INM offices. To apply for this procedure, you must visit the INM offices in person and submit your request (Instituto Nacional de Migracion).

Good news! HH Consultants makes it easy and convenient for you, schedule your consultation with us today and our team will help you expedite the process so that you don’t have to waist an entire day.

Also, the possibility of being rejected and create a negative history.

How long does it take?

Depends on the urgency of the permit, usually takes around 7 to 11 business days.

Your permit can be issued by the INM on the same day of your admission. However, if you have a trip previously planned, HH recommends you to apply for this procedure 3 days before of your trip.

In case of any unexpected event, which requires you to leave the country and you do not have in hand your document, please contact one of our consultants, to help you in managing your process and avoid any mishap that might delay your departure.

For how long is it valid?

This permit expires 60 natural days after the moment that your departure has been registered at an airport or border, and it is valid for one entry.

 What can I do if my document is expired when I am abroad?

In this situation we strongly recommend you to consult with an immigration expert, this to in detail evaluate your situation, and identify what solution can be provided.

Nevertheless, you will need to apply for a new procedure.

How much does it costs?

We know that every foreigner’s migratory situation may vary and that in some cases the migratory procedure can be in different stages.

Which is why the cost may also be different according to each case’s characteristics.

As a consequence, we evaluate every case with an initial interview (40dlls, that will be deducted from the total cost).

With the purpose of obtaining the most information possible, in order to determine if this type of procedure is the correct one.

If it is not the best option, we will let you know what will be the process that we need to follow.

HH helps foreigners like you to regularize their migratory status, so that you can enjoy your stay in Mexico without worrying of your legal status in the country.

Mexico Immigration Law

Article 35
Article 37
Article 44.
Visitor with adoption purposes (Article 52).

Temporary resident (Article 52).
Temporary resident student (Article 52).
Permanent resident (Article 52).