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Mexico is positioned in a leading role for possessing the three faces of immigration, transit, origin and destination.

In Baja California there is a high movement in these three areas, this as a consequence of Cali-Baja region being one of the most important borders of Mexico.

Added to this, there are studies that prove that the US-Mexico corridor is the world wide’s most important border.

As a result of this phenomenon, petitions for familiar reunifications, real state acquisition by foreigners, binational business, retirement places, assistance to business in order to acquire foreign talent, advice of residence, among others.

Following this need H&H Consultants arises, specializing in management and consulting procedures in Mexican immigration.

Our consultants are 100% trained experts due to their professional path in this field, which gives us an added value from the competition very hard to reach.

We have a compromise with our region’s society of providing a service on which the values that stand out from our job are ethics, honesty and wisdom.


Consolidate H&H Consultants as the best option in Mexican immigration services, anticipating the needs that our customers can be exposed to.


Offer migratory consultancy based on knowledge, experience and ethics, always in benefit of our clients.