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Mexico Regularization by Humanitarian Reasons

(FM3-FM2/Temporary Resident, Work Visa or Humanitarian Visa in Mexico)

All foreigners with no exception need to have a valid migratory document to back up their regular stay in Mexico.

If they do not possess a document, they’re able to apply for a regularization procedure, in this specific case Humanitarian Reasons.

The assumptions or humanitarian causes for this procedure are for foreigners that have arrived into Mexico with no migratory document and are under a vulnerable situation.

In order to be a candidate for this procedure the foreigner must accredit one of the following assumptions:

  • Be identified by the Mexican Immigration authority or a competent authority, as a victim or witness of a serious crime committed in Mexico.
  • Be a child or teenager under a subtraction or international restitution.
  • That his/her vulnerability level makes it difficult or impossible to its deportation.
  • Pregnant women, third age people, handicap or Indians.
  • People whose lives are in danger due to violence or natural disaster.
  • Applicants for the refugee, political asylum or that initiate a stateless procedure, until it is concluded.


What do I need to apply for a Regularization by Humanitarian Reasons procedure?

Be under the procedure of requesting recognition of refugee status, stateless, asylum, or listed as a vulnerable group and accredit any of the cases of humanitarian reasons which includes the Immigration Act and to not hold a migratory document.

Where can I apply for a Regularization by Humanitarian Reasons procedure?

You can start your application process at any office of the INM, accompanied by the necessary documentation (INM).

Nevertheless, we strongly recommend to apply at the INM office corresponding to your address, by this time solving can be reduced.

HH Consultants makes it easy for you, please Schedule an appointment with our group of experts, who will help you with the application.

How do I start my procedure?

By scheduling an appointment with one of our consultants, please keep in mind that H&H Consultants can always help you in person or online.

We strongly advise you to consult with an expert before you start any immigration procedure, there are many ways for you to save money and improve your migratory history.

How long does it take?

The procedure regularization by humanitarian reasons is one of the ones that take longer than the usual to resolve, your application can take 10 to 15 days; this if all the documentation is filled-up correctly.

However, please note that in most cases where the Immigration Law is not well-known by the foreigner or when you do not have previous experience in immigration procedures, the time may be 15 to 30 days.

If you are about to start your immigration process, please schedule an appointment today with one of our specialists to expedite the process and prevent it from being denied for lack of information about the procedure.

Can I start my procedure abroad?

This procedure cannot be presented when you are abroad, it is necessary that you start it when your documents is still valid and within Mexico.

Nevertheless, if you are required to travel inside or outside of Mexico during this process, HH can help you with some alternative solutions in order to avoid your application being rejected.

For how long is my migratory document valid?

The document obtained from this process will be granted for 1 a year term, which may be renewed year after year, until the process that led to the authorization of the immigration status is terminated, and subsequently the foreigner may apply for change of condition of stay.

To learn more about the immigration process in order to apply for a regularization on humanitarian grounds and afterwards change the status of stay to temporary resident.

Schedule your consultation today, and one of our specialists will gladly assist you, this so you can start building your immigration history and in the future obtain permanent residence

Can I travel outside of Mexico with this document?

Yes, you can.

As long as you document is not expired.

How much does it costs?

In this specific cases, HH Consultants offers a pro bono service depending on the vulnerability of the situation, if you are interested in this please contact one of our consultants to inform you better.

Also, if you want to start a regular process, the cost may be different according to each case’s characteristics.

As a consequence, we evaluate every case with an initial interview (40dlls, that will be deducted from the total cost).

With the purpose of obtaining the most information possible, in order to determine if this type of procedure is the correct one.

If it is not the best option, we will let you know what will be the process that we need to follow.

HH helps foreigners like you to regularize their migratory status, so that you can enjoy your stay in Mexico without worrying of your legal status in the country.

Mexico Immigration Law

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Stateless (Article 3).
Additional protection (Article 3).
Refugee (Article 3).

Visitor by Humanitarian reasons (Article 52).
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