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Benefits of Alkaline water

There isn’t a bodily process more sophisticated than the maintenance of an adequate level of pH in the blood. PH measures the acidity and alkalinity for body and all of its fluids. The level of pH in the blood must be meticulously controlled. Blood pH should be at 7.4, and the pH lower than 7.1 or higher than 7.9 can cause death.

The PH scale runs from 0 to 15, with 0 meaning the most acidic, and 15 the most alkaline. The proper pH level is neutral, neither acid nor alkaline, but standing at the center of the scale at some 7.4 to 7.5. Our body keeps our bloods pH neutralize them extremely effective way.

PH is constantly affected by the environment, especially by toxins introduced to the body when we eat or drink. Think of cola drinks, which are very acidic. To neutralize the acid in a glass of soda, we would need to mix it with 32 glasses of water. 32 glasses of water? What happens to our bodies? Why doesn’t soda damage us immediately unless we drink 32 glasses of water to neutralize it? In the face of such an emergency situation, the body makes use of a process called ionization. When blood is acidified, it has an overabundance of hydrogen ions (H). The blood then produces hydroxyl (OH) which unites with these ions, producing water (H2O). Water has a neutral pH of 7.4. In order for the process of ionization to work efficiently, enormous quantities of oxygen are consumed with obvious negative impact on our health.

Another way to maintain proper ph is to eat large quantities of alkaline substances to counteract all the acids we consume. Alkaline substances are formed from foods that produce negative ions like:

• Spanish
• Soy
• Carrots
• Mushrooms
• Potatoes
• Radishes
• Cucumbers
• Onions
• Bananas
• Fruits
• Barley Green is the highest alkaline food tested

Yet another method drink mineral water or alkaline water, which can prepared in water ionizers