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Visa Authorization by Job Offer

(FM3/FM2 Temporary Resident, Visitorvisa with permission to engage Remunerated Activity or Work Visa)

The Visa Authorization by Job Offer, commonly known as Job Visa, is applicable when a business owner or a legally established company in Mexico, extends a job offer to a foreigner that is residing outside of Mexico. By this procedure foreigners may obtain one of the following documents:

  • Visitor with Authorization to Engage Remunerated Activities.
  • Temporary Resident with Work Permit.


What do I need to apply for a Visa Authorization by Job Offer?

Hold an Employee Certificate Registry, in order to be able to extend a job offer to a foreigner, so that he can travel to Mexico with a Temporary Visa with a working permit.

Where can I apply for a Visa Authorization by Job Offer?

At the INM offices. To applyforthisprocedure, youmustvisitthe INM offices in person and submityourrequest as anemployer (Instituto Nacional de Migracion).

Goodnews! HH Consultantsmakesiteasy and convenientforyou, scheduleyourconsultationwithustoday and ourteamwillhelpyou expedite theprocess so thatyoudon’thave to waistanentireday. Also, thepossibility of beingrejected and create a negativehistory.

How long does it take?

In thebest case scenario, withallpaperworkfilled up correctly and withallrequirementsmet, it can takebetween 5 to 10 businessdays. However, please be advisedthat in most cases withpeoplethatdon’thaveexperiencefilling up thispaperwork, can usuallytake 10 to 30 days.

HH Consultantsstronglyadvisesyou to consultanimmigrationspecialist to avoiddelayingyourprocess. Ifyouwouldlikeforus to helpyouprocessyourrequest, pleasescheduleanappointmentand ourteamwillprovideyouwithallthenecessarydetails.

How do I start my procedure?

By scheduling an appointment with one of our consultants, please keep in mind that H&H Consultants can always help you, in person or online.

We strongly advise you to consult with an expert before you start any immigration procedure, there are many ways for you to save money and improve your migratory history.

Can I start my procedure abroad?

All Visas by Job Offer need to be presented at an INM office. Once the visa is authorized, the stamp process is made at a Mexican consulate.

HH can help you in the different stages of this process, also if you are interested in knowing the different types of visa that can be presented from abroad please call us to better inform you.

What happens if my visa has expired?

You will need to start your procedure once again at a consulate or at an INM office. In HH we always make sure to provide you all the details of your procedure, obligations and rights that come along with your specific case.

Can I use this visa more than once?

No, this because once you enter Mexico with thisvisa it has to be exchanged within the time period determined by the Law.

If you need to enter and exit Mexico more than once, please remind that HH has a wide experience helping business people and foreigners to regularize their migratory condition. Schedule an appointment with one of our consultants to better serve you today!

How much does it costs?

We know that every foreigner’s migratory situation may vary and that in some cases the migratory procedure can be in different stages. This is why the cost may also be different according to each case’s characteristics.

As a consequence, we evaluate every case with an initial interview (40 dlls, that will be deducted from the total cost). With the purpose of obtaining the most information possible, in order to determine if this type of procedure is the correct one. If it is not the best option, we will let you know what will be the process that we need to follow.

Mexico Immigration Law

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Temporary resident (Article 52).
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