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Immigration Law

Article 83. The procedure for the travel card for business people APEC, has the following options:

I. Obtaining ABTC.
II. Provisional Obtaining of ABTC card.
III. ABTC card replacement.

Article 84. The ABTC is a travel card for business people of APEC that allows holders to travel and stay in the participant economies without having to obtain a business visa. At the same time, they carry special lanes at airports.

The condition of stay of a business person, is determined by the Secretary of Economy considering for this, the international standards in the ABTC Operation Rules.

Article 85. The ABTC card will allow its holders the access to special lanes installed at airports of the participant’s economies, in the following cases:

I. Enter with the purpose of doing or to explore business opportunities in the participant economies.
II. When Mexican public servers, must assist to official events of APEC.