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Article 133

The Institute may regularize the immigration status of foreigners who are in Mexico and are interested to reside temporarily or permanently in Mexico, as long as they comply with the requirements of this Act, its Regulations and other provisions applicable by the law.

Foreigners are entitled to regularize their immigration status if they are located in Mexico and are in any of the following cases:

  • Attest to be spouse, concubine of Mexican citizen or a foreign person with a legal condition of stay.
  • Proving to be parent or child, or have legal representation or custody of a Mexican or a foreign person with a legal condition of stay (temporary or permanent residence).
  • When the foreigner is identified by the INM or competent authority, as a victim or witness to a serious crime committed in national territory.
  • In the case of people whose level of vulnerability makes it difficult or impossible to deport or of an assisted return, and
  • In the case of children and adolescents who are subject to removal proceedings and international return of children or adolescents.

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Regularization by Humanitarian Reasons.