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12 Cancer Myths

My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge
-Hosea 4:6 (NIV)

I am constantly amazed at all the wrong information that’s out there about cancer. Here are 12 cancer myths that I would like to point out.

Myth 1: Cancer is a death sentence.

Myth #2: The cure for cancer will be found soon if you raise enough research money.

Myth #3: Medical mastectomies are more effective than lumpectomy’s.

Myth #4: Nutrition and lifestyle have nothing to do with the preventing or reversing cancer.

Myth #5: Emotional and spiritual therapies boost morale but do not help the body heal.

Myth #6: Tumor eradication is the only acceptable outcome of cancer treatment.

Myth #7: Chemotherapy is effective in most cancers.

Myth #8: Cancer is a matter of chance, you either get it or you don’t.

Myth #9: All alternative medicine is quackery.

Myth #10: Mammograms prevent breast cancer.

Myth #11:  If you have the cancers gene, you will get cancer.

Myth #12: If you have cancer, you cannot do anything to improve your chances to survive.

Given how many people believe this disinformation, perhaps it is no wonder that millions perish from cancer every year. Fear alone has a powerful negative influence. But it doesn’t have to affect you that way. Truly, where there is life there is hope!

Join me in sharing these myths!