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Change the Way You Eat

by Dr. Francisco Contreras


If you are like most Americans, you pack your plate with piles of processed carbohydrates, too much refined sugar, load of saturated fats and pounds of heavy red meats. Such dietary habits are cutting short our life span. Looking to the Japanese would help us westerners.

A diet of fresh fruit, vegetables, complex and heavy carbohydrates and healthy proteins will extend your life in two ways:

  1. Since poor nutrition and unhealthy dietary factors contribute to disease, changing the way you eat can save you from a premature death.
  2. Supporting your immune system with a healthy diet will actually lengthen your expected life span. In addition to living longer, you will actually look younger and feel better, too.

Heart disease caused by our poor eating habits is taking a huge toll. According to the National Center For Health Statistics, if cardiovascular diseases were eliminated, the average life span would increase by almost ten years.

Research and epidemiological findings prove that heart disease, hypertension and cancer of the breast, prostate, pancreas, ovaries, endometrium and colon are directly linked to poor nutritional habits.

What’s more, these diseases account for about 60 percent of all premature deaths. If you want to live longer, feel better and look younger, change the way you eat.